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Do You Need a Virtual Terminal or Gateway Solution?

Simple, flexible virtual terminal and gateway options allow customers to pay you the way they want to pay. Take a look at some of the solutions we offer. Call us at (727) 873-0963 if you have any questions.


Get the Virtual Terminal or Gateway You Need

Virtual Terminal

Easily accept phone-orders and ACH payments through a Virtual Terminal. Easily setup your gateway to run recurring charges, one-time fees as well as split payments. No matter how you are looking to bill your clients Double Helix Solutions has a gateway solution for you.

Multi-MID Support

At Double Helix Solutions we set you up with the capability to manage Multiple MIDs on a single gateway so you can combine reporting, manage inventory as well as control different branches all from one easy to use access point.

Customer Storage

Securely store customer’s sensitive data on a secured server, with payment tokenization. Once you have your customer’s data, you can easily create send an invoice, or view reports on specific customers past purchases.

ACH Processing

Our Gateway makes it easy to accept ACH payments from your clients within the same portal as your credit card acceptance. Send invoice requests to your customers and give them the option to pay by card or ACH. With ACH acceptance, you can take payments from your customers with lower fees compared to a card transaction.

Open API for Easy Shopping Cart Integration

Double Helix Solutions offers open API, so that you can build the solution that suits your business needs. Reach out to an account executive today to learn more.


Where to Get Virtual Terminals and Gateway Solutions

If you’re looking for virtual terminal or gateway, you have come to the right place. At Double Helix Processing we have the technology and partnerships with leading providers to give you the best solutions for your business. Click here to contact us.